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The brand's history began in Kyiv in the spring of 2023, although it took a year from idea to launch. Our journey from concept to execution tested our resilience as we overcame challenges in building a team and establishing production processes in Ukraine during a full-scale war. In these difficult circumstances, our determination grew, igniting a passion to create something truly exceptional - a product that would captivate the world with its aesthetics and unwavering quality.

During power outages, we meticulously handcrafted our initial prototypes, relying solely on the illumination of lamps powered by portable power banks. This challenging yet impressive experience formed the foundation for our unyielding idea and aesthetics, defining our brand.

The name "SYCH" has deep significance, derived from the first four letters of the founder's surname, and the phrase "Smoke your cigarette horny" on the lighter cases, which also decodes the name of our brand, playfully embodies the pure pleasure our products provide. The phrase captures the essence of our vision, which revolves around enhancing the pleasure of the process and savoring the fluidity of the moment.

SYCH goes beyond being just a brand; it embodies a lifestyle that radiates uniqueness and elegance. Our debut collection showcases an exquisite range of smoking accessories, including meticulously crafted lighter cases and tobacco pouches.

Today, with pride, we embark on our journey as a brand to share the essence of SYCH with the world and demonstrate once again that Ukrainian brands can be truly exceptional!